Relationships Tips: What Good Wives Do

Family life is full of challenges and details that need to be kept it mind every single day.

Happy couple

It is no  secret that a woman, the emotional core of every relationship, is considered the domestic goddess, no matter how busy she might be.

In this article we have gathered the most precious “good wife” advice to help you become even a better partner for your man.

1. After years of marriage romance still matters

Can you recall the last time you two had the romantic evening? Even if you can, it is not  a competition but a gentle tip for both spouses to enjoy a good time. Be the one who initiates the romance. It could be anything: love notes, massages, candle-lit Dinner, movie night, sexual play or all put together. It will once again remind him of your genuine love and affection. Be sure, your man will appreciate it.

2. Be generous with “thank you”

According to numerous research, men identify appreciation as one of the most desired characteristics of a perfect wife. Actually we all need this. In some cases we all tend to notice only the mistakes which should be fixed. Still, there are always positive things we skip from time to time. Thus, remember to notice the things your husband does — for you, for the kids, for the house — and thank him. Two words can put a smile on his face and warm his heart, and this is the true miracle!

3. Desire for home and children

In the modern society the woman has increasingly achieved similar levels of education and career status as the man, with the latter perceiving the woman as an equal partner. However this point is not about how great you are with your career goals (which is of course very important), but about how you manage to separate these two aspects. Every man wants to have the warm place where he can return , the place he can call home.

4. Let him have the time for himself, or what could be called the “guy time”

It a good way for both of you to spend the time on your hobbies. Who said you should watch all the matches of the Premier League with him? Well, maybe it is high time to go shopping and let your man enjoy football with his friends? Encourage him to cultivate friendships with other men and he will appreciate the companionship. According to some studies, people who have friends live longer and healthier lives.

5. The Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

You have probably heard this phrase millions of times. No matter how good you are at cooking, there is still space for improvement. Even if you work a lot, do not neglect this point. Find the way! For example, cook his favourite meals at weekends instead of going out. He will appreciate not only the taste but also your effort, as he would feel your love and attention.

6. Don’t try to change him

You are surely aware of the fact that thousands of small cracks can cause great damage. The same thing with relationship: constant picking on some trifles you don’t like (he leaves towels on the floor, he doesn’t wash his cup, etc.) and attempts to change him might eventually hurt both of you. Behavioral experts say you can’t change others, you can only change yourself and how you react.

Think about it and probably you will find the “golden middle” for your situation. Important: don’t forget to thank your man when he does it right. He washed the cup? – Say “thank you” even if you think it is a thing everyone should do without additional appreciation. Positive reinforcement beats nagging every time.

7. Do look good

Not surprisingly,  men love with their eyes. Physical attraction only will not make any marriage last, but love in combination with desire makes wonders. Stay beautiful, take care of your looks, clothes and style. He is the man of your life, so he deserves to see you in a beautiful dress (even though baggy jeans are more comfortable).

8. Prioritize him 

It matters a lot  for a man to “feel first”. Meet him when he comes back from work even if you need to stop doing something you were busy with. Also show your respect and attention with your words, your sights and questions about his day and hobbies.

9. Forgive

Easy to say but sometimes hard to do. When you learn to forgive, you learn the biblical wisdom. No one is perfect, so make forgiveness a habit, especially as far as little annoyances are concerned.

10. Talk TO your husband, not ABOUT him

Really not a good idea to discuss your personal problems behind your husband’s back before engaging him into communication. Complaining to someone outside will not solve the problem within. Friends and relatives might think they know what’s best for you, but their advice can play the wicked game on your marriage. Only you two know your relationship well, so don’t hesitate to raise the questions and find the answers together.

And always keep in mind: love is the secret ingredient to any marriage. Cherish it, be attentive to it, follow it and you will see the relationship filled with joy and harmony.

The famous Latin phrase reads: Amor Vincit Omnia, or Love conquers all. May your love be the main victory of you life.

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