I was having this little Chit-Chat with a friend and I asked her, “Who really do The Ladies look beautiful for?” She said “Eh I look beautiful for myself, I don’t dress or make up To impress any man” fahear say! See white Lie!….

Now here was my reply To her

1990-1999: 9ja men wanted fair ladies, so ladies started bleaching

1999-2006: They wanted “IKEBE” or big a*s, so ladies started using butt pads to make it bigger!

2006-2014: Men want “LEPA” or slim girls so ladies are gyming, taking all sorts of herbs To lose weight!

Dear ladies, hasnt it occurred to You that men don’t really know what they want, yet you All are constantly changing your looks, punishing yourselves Just to please us?!…hahaha

Even at that women will not Just accept The fact that they actually look Good for The guys, consciously or unconsciously!… If today we The guys Decide To switch over To “OROBO GIRLS” (fat girls) All The girls will start eating fatty and oily food To make them Get Fat so they can measure up with The New trend… Now that’s The “POWER OF A MAN” Lmao… Girls make una Just accept am, You dress, make up and look Good Just To impress men!… Yes!
For the men : Send to 30 ladies if you agree

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