Six Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex

1. I Miss You.
This article focuses on weaknesses, we are all human and we have feelings that make us seem weak but we only do certain things because of those feelings. If you’re done with someone, and you somehow couldn’t stop yourself from contacting them, never tell them you miss them. Telling them these three little words will make them more arrogant and make you seem desperate. Only you can make yourself strong. It’s not an unacceptable thing to hide your weaknesses from the people who truly care about you but you should always keep them hidden from people who aren’t in your life anymore.

2. I Love You.
You might still love them because let’s face it, you’ve been in a real relationship with them, but also try to remember why it ended in the first place when you both loved each other. Don’t ever tell your ex you still love them, even if you want nothing else but to be with them. Make yourself strong and help yourself get over them, don’t expect them to come back and don’t be nice with them or romantic with them, they’re your ex for a reason, don’t forget the reason and always remind yourself of the bad days you had with them. Weakness is something you need to keep far away from them, be as strong as possible in their case and you will never find yourself in that horrible position again.

3. Can We Hang Out?
Don’t ever ask your ex to hang out with you. Understand the fact that it’s over and you can’t be casual friends after all the things you’ve been through together. No matter how much you want to see them, don’t ask them to meet. It will hurt you when you can’t call them all the sweet nicknames, when you can’t hold their hand, when You can’t tell them your feelings. There is nothing good to expect from hanging out with your ex, avoid it at all costs. Keeping your distance is going to be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but once you’re over it you’ll thank yourself for doing it. Don’t be weak, I keep repeating this again and again but don’t be weak.

4. Am So Sorry.
You can say you’re sorry if you cheated on them or hurt them in a way you know you shouldn’t have. But if you’re the one who got hurt, cheated on, got lied to, don’t apologize for being the victim. I know you just want to start a conversation but don’t, it won’t go anywhere, they’ll just feel more powerful over you and you’ll be throwing yourself at them. The more you say sorry, the more you’re hurting yourself in the end.

5. I Hate You So Much.
This might seem like it opposes my previous point but it doesn’t. See, by telling your ex you hate them and How bad they’ve been, you’re only showing them that you still think about them and you still care, don’t let Yourself be in a position where they know you still think about them. Be as away from them as possible, Don’t show any sign of care.

6. We can Be Friends.
I’ve said this before I’ll say it again, YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR EX! It’s just one of those impossible Things that no matter how bad you want them you won’t be able to make it work. Someone who you’ve been Physical with, how can you imagine being friends with them? How can you imagine not calling them those sweet Names and holding their hand and hugging them and just talking like friends with them? It’s simply impossible. If you start being friends with your ex, a point will come where one of you will start crying. Just avoid it.

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