Signals That You’re Dating a Female Player

She Is Flirtatious
Most female Players Use Flirting to manipulate most men, this is the key and power weapon for them. So her desire to constantly flirt is something you should look into so much. Some will even flirt right in front of your face and makes it look like they are into you so much but you should keep yours eyes on.  Most men forget that A woman who is truly into them Most likely don’t  flirt with every other guy. Yes some people enjoy flirting but be mindful when there may be more to it than that.


She Has Plenty of Male Friends
Many of her friends are male simply because they are easy to deal with, she can easily use them any how she want just to simply satisfy her needs and interest.


She Gets mad When You Don’t Give Her What She Wants
Any female Player Isn’t Scared of asking what she want she will definitely ask for it with no problem. Mostly She will find away of getting what she really want from any guy she is playing with. But if you fail to give to her she will get mad and upset over it and she will  either go silent on you or even say it to you louder. She will have you feeling that giving in to her demands is the only way you can expect to keep her around. At the moment She may not  be your girlfriend  but she knows how to play on your desires to get her and she will use all of this to her advantage.


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