5 Ways To Keep Your Woman Happy

Keeping your woman happy is one way to appreciate Her and to show that she means A lot to you, so many Men fail to make their woman happy cause in their mind they know she’s already his and she doesn’t need much treatment but your wrong, below are few ways to make her happy.

1. Take her on romantic dates.

Women Like being taken care Of by their men, surprise dates can be more romantic and special to her, its another to make her smile and happy at the same time, take out her out on weekends after too much work and have fun she will appreciate you and even return the favor.

2. Help Her in Cooking and House Cleaning.

Few men do this, you should try this on her, wake up in the morning prepare breakfast for her, do house cleaning, put it on the table and go wake her up, you can as well blind fold her then bring her to the table and surprise her, Am sure she will put a smile when she sees all this.

3. Surprise Her With Gifts

Buying Gifts for shouldn’t cost you much, women love gifts it doesn’t have to be so expensive but at least you can send her even a flower or even buy her a teddy bear of her favorite color she is going to remember you every time she see the flower or the teddy bear whenever she goes to bed, this one way of making her happy.

4. Be Faithful And Make Her Feel She’s The Only Woman In Your Life.

Women are jealous type when you don’t show the world that she belongs to you, it makes her feel insecure but when you show all your friends that she’s the one this will clear every doubt she has and it will make her happy hence she will belief and trust in you and that will make you faithful to her even If you don’t show it.

5. Share and communicate your feelings.

Show her you care and love her this way your sharing feelings with her, share mutual communication with her, show her you can listen to what she says and come to a mutual understanding, this will lessen argument and misunderstanding between the two of you.

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